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Experienced Attorney in Durango, CO

In cases of civil law, a practiced attorney is essential in protecting your property, your assets, and your rights under the law. If you are located in southwestern Colorado, particularly in the communities of Durango and Pagosa Springs, and you require legal assistance, the experts at Gregory Golden & Landeryou, LLC are available to help you work towards a resolution.

Experienced Attorneys

Daniel Gregory, Ken Golden, and Christina Landeryou have more than 80 years of combined experience assisting clients with various issues across the field of civil law. Their diverse sets of experience and fields of expertise provide the firm and all of our clients with a broad base of knowledge from which to draw, which can be very beneficial in disputes. With years of experience in the Southwestern Colorado region, Gregory, Golden, and Landeryou come to each case armed with a formidable understanding of the local laws and the experience to use this knowledge effectively.

Our Clients

Located in Durango, CO, the firm helps the people of our community with a very broad spectrum of issues, including civil litigation, real estate, construction, business, eminent domain, and more. Each of the attorneys has specialized in a unique area of practice. This gives the practice the ability and perspective to face down a range of topics and, ultimately, to effectively assist clients with varied concerns. These clients include corporations, limited liability companies, homeowners’ associations, non-profits, and lenders. Citizens of Southwest Colorado are welcome to stop by and take advantage of our strong resources and experienced team.

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If you need a strong attorney who is well versed in civil law, then you want the team at Gregory Golden & Landeryou, LLC. Please feel free to contact us in order to schedule a consultation.